Born in Montreal in 1965.


1984-1987 Graphic Design Bachelor in Université Laval
1982-1984 Diploma in Fine Arts at Collège André Grasset


André Monet has more than 20 years of work experience as an Art director, illustrator, graphic designer for marketing
agencies and fashion agencies.


2014  «VIP», Galerie DeBellefeuille, Montreal, Canada 

2014  «Impression of Singapore», Opera Gallery, Singapore

2014 «The Great American Icons», Opera Gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2013 «Nowness!»,Art Walk and Opera Gallery, Cannes, France

2013 «The many faces of David Bowie», Opera Gallery, London,England

2013 «Contemporary icons», Art Walk and Opera Gallery, Oslo, Norway

2013 « Paris Match, une histoire de couvertures» Opera Gallery Paris

2012 « Visage» Opera gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2012 « Nobody else but you» Opera gallery, Singapore Ion
2012 « I want to be loved by you» Opera gallery, Paris, France

2011 « Black and White»  Opera gallery, Seoul, South Korea

2011   Opera Galley, Hong Kong

2011 «Retrospective», Galerie Lydia Monaro, Montreal, Canada

2011 « Nuit Rouge », Galerie Lydia Monaro, Montreal, Canada
2010 « Small Sizes », Galerie Lydia Monaro, Montreal, Canada
2010 « André Monet », Opera Gallery, New York, USA
2010 « Face à face », Opera Gallery, Paris, France
2010 « Les nuits blanches », Galerie Lydia Monaro, Montreal, Canada



2015 Art Plam Beach

2014 Toronto International Art Fair

2014 Expo Chicago

2014 Art Show Busan, South Korea
2010 Toronto International Art Fair


1991 Three Honourable mentions, Forum Marketing
1989 Diapson Grand Prize, Forum Marketing
1988 Great Distinction, Graphisme, Québec

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