Natasha Evans – Artist Profile


Sept 2001-June 2005 -Studied at the Arts Institute at Bournemouth, England

Awarded - BA with Honors First Class Degree in Illustration


October 2009 - Group Musikili Arts Exhibition, Lusaka Zambia

Dec 2009 – Art & Design Show Lusaka

Sept 2010 Solo Exhibition at the Red Dot Gallery, Lusaka

Feb 2011 – AISL Art Gallery

Sept 2011 - Art for Wildlife Exhibition

August 2012 – Art for Wildlife Exhibition

2011-2013 – Exhibited pieces in few group exhibitions and designed double collection of ‘Art Lamps’, showcasing at Art & Design Show 2011 & 2012


Nov 2009 - International Street Paper Awards, Norway - Awarded Best Cover, Big Issue Zambia

Sept 2011 - Awarded David Shepherd 1st Prize for Mixed Media Painting


Limited Edition Art Prints – Swedish contemporary Art Gallery-Sweden

Natasha Evans as born in Zimbabwe but has lived in Zambia since aged 8 as both parents were born in Zambia. Natasha returned home to Zambia after completing a BA honors degree in Illustration at the Arts Institute of Bournemouth, England.

Whilst currently very busy raising 4 small children, Natasha attempts to keep working and making art alongside designing for her collection of ‘Art Lamps’.

Natasha has also exhibited in a handful of group exhibitions in Lusaka including a solo exhibition in 2011.

Natasha’s work includes abstract as well as literal elements. She uses a mix of techniques and is inspired to make pieces that have an abstracted quality but have relatable elements be it pictorial or by using photography or text. She tries to maintain a balance between strength in aesthetic appeal and concept. She likes to combine drawing and painting skill with less used processes and techniques to create interesting texture and to add interest and question about creative processes and the different ways of making pictures.

Natasha has a particular interest in the city of Lusaka and is intrigued with the buildings and with the relationship the people who live and more in the city have to the urban landscape of Lusaka. Natasha’s work more broadly focuses on ideas relating to concepts of home, belonging, travel and the parallels that can be made between psychoanalysis of these concepts and more physical and literal imagery.

Most recently Natasha has started to explore the concepts of boundaries and borders and the crossing over these and has used compositions of imagery, line, paint as metaphor to depict the movement ideas or stories.