Jean-Charles MILLEPIED

Born on 24th May in 1954 - Bordeaux – France
Workshop : 1, Impasse des Navarix – 33380 Mios – France

Born in 1954 in Bordeaux, of a musician’s family, Jicémil ( Jean-Charles Millepied) started with collages by using cut outs from magazine pages of his time.

The composition is based on aligned squares set up horizontally and vertically, these small compositions called “quadrétudes Ó ” will constitute the basis of his work

In a geometrical space, in a patchwork way, the eye searches in vain where to fall.

Various matters will be used: old papers, ancient pictures, wavy cartons, emery paper, marble’s powder, acrylic pigments, in brief, everything that could contribute to divulging in new ideas.

Each space thus becomes a field of experience and ends up making a mode of reading and an unique expression.

The artist thereby hounds the matter, alters it, and diverts it. His work is inspired by his interest for the primitive cultures of Africa and the Indian Ocean where he lived.

Multiple trials will be carried out before the definitive work. Whereas his hands seem to have the power to give birth to any materiel, he will give birth to an unheard of art.

Jicémil’s artwork has a proper soul and is in line with space like an abstraction becoming visible.

With such a labyrinth, you can become lost but able to find a source of communication and exchange.

The artist has featured writing, which is appropriate to his approach; we are in the presence of a successful artwork.

Principales Expositions Mains Exhibitions

2011 Musée Geoges de Sonneville Gradignan France

Semaine de l’Art Pauillac France

Grand Marché d’Art Contemporain Paris France

Promenade des Arts Arcachon Le Pyla sur Mer France

Galerie Art et Espace Nantes France

Grémeaux Art Gallery Arcachon France

2010 Grand Marché d’Art Contemporain Paris France

Base Art Festival du Mécénat et de l’Art Contemporain Fréjus France

La Puce de l’art Bayonne France

Espace Saint Rémi Atelier Aquitaine Bordeaux France

Brouillarta Biarritz France

2009 Ecole des Beaux Arts de Bordeaux France

Musée Goerges de sonneville Gradignan France

Grand Marché d’Art Contemporain Paris

Salon d’Automne Paris France

Biennale Art Atlantic La Rochelle France

Galerie Selaruaren Uméak Ascain France

SMART Aix en Provence France

2008 Galerie Etats d’Art Le Cap Ferret France

Manathan Art Story New York

Art shopping Carrousel du Louvre Paris France

Salon d’Automne Saint Rémi Bordeaux France
Collage i blandteknik

Collage i blandteknik

Collage i blandteknik