Lau Blou was born in 1969. She first saw the light of day in the small city of Brissac-Quincé located on the edges of the Loire River in the west of France. 

In this lovely setting, her childhood was nourished with light, constantly changing, and the soft colors and hues of the passing seasons.
Living in a large house surrounded by gardens in the hills of Aubance, Blou filled her youthful heart and soul with the wonder of such beauty. 

When she left this enchanted area in 2001 for Paris, she took with her the serenity, harmony and complex composition of the geography.
Most of all she took the light reflecting on the Loire. 

Blou’s painting and collage are a reflection of her memory of
mountains, rough and angular, and the soft colors of gardens bathed
in amazing light. 

In some ways her works are influenced by Mark Rothko, whom Blou admired greatly for the breadth and color of his work. But there is a large difference between these artists. 

Rothko projects an emptiness and tragic sense of mortality. The paintings of Lau Blou are populated with geometric squares and rectangles representing both nature and architecture. Within these geometric shapes, often carved into the paint, are the signs of civilization. Most importantly, these works have zest and strength.
They portray a deep love for life upon this earth. 

No words can express the emanation of light and serene beauty within the harmony in these masterful works. 

Lau has a degree in fine art. She exhibits in many galleries in France where her shows are sellouts. She is now being introduced to a new audience in the United States.

Lau Blou