He began to paint lately, but he always needed to express his emotions 
which are linked with his relation to the world. He never studied in an 
artistic school, although he has always been attracted by Art. However, 
during his years of college, he started to draw abstracts pictures with 
Indian ink or pen ball. 

From his family he inherited the satisfaction of well done manual work: 
being cabinetmakers is a family tradition. Gradually he realizes that only 
an activity linked with the field of art could be appropriate to him. Then 
he met Henri Baviera who initiates him to the Art of engraving. In 1999, 
he follows courses of engraving and starts to initiate and create his 
proper art. 

René Galassi

In 2001, he opens his own Atelier. From that moment he creates his own 
engravings. The subjects are abstract but everyone can find something 
figurative one them. His engravings inspire imaginary worlds and even 
old maps. Their names are created with agronomic terms. Slowly he 
starts to create big paintings, which mix clay, gold sheets, pigments... 
Then painting and engraving become for him 2 complementary technical. 
Rene Galassi was born in Lyon in 1964. He lives and works in Nice.