Född 1955 i Paris

After leading a nomadic life around the world, he brought some of its noise and fury back to his studio. There he began his apprenticeship, assimilating forgotten techniques. In his art the integrates gloss paint, cabinetmaker´s glue, carborundum power, acrylic paint, photography...and many other mediums. Ephemeral installations are scattered to the very edges of those volcano craters that are his passion. All extreme states are sources of fascination for him. His work takes form stage by stage, blending life and painting, which he practices alternately with painting, photography, or painted photographs.

Many important firms call upon him for their communication documents and for cultural investment. He has also created scenery for the theatre and ballet.

Tony Soulie became an international artist after exhibiting all over the world, from Chili - Paris - Tokyo - Seoul to New York.